Unforeseen Glory Book Series

un·fore·seenˌənfôrˈsēn/ adjective

  • not anticipated or predicted.

“insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances”

synonyms: unpredictedunexpectedunanticipatedunplanned, not bargained for,surprising

glo·ry ˈɡlôrē/ noun

  • high renown or honor won by notable achievements.

“to fight and die for the glory of one’s nation”

synonyms: renownfameprestigehonordistinctionkudoseminenceacclaim,praise;

Who hasn’t had that dream where they save the day?  But what if saving the day caused an unexpected domino effect in your life or world?  How many times has something happened in your life where if you had been a few seconds earlier or later you would have been involved in some accident?

Every day of our lives there are millions of missed opportunities that could change your life and not always for the better.  Unforeseen Glory is a collection of stories that have been in the works for years.

Now is the time to drag them into the light.